Stay At Home Blog #2

Sort of sad looking Cara wearing a red hoodie and sitting on her porch in a dining room chair, golden retriever dog at her feet.
Originally posted on Facebook. Changed from Quarantine Blog to Stay At Home Blog to match Michigan’s language — we’re under a Stay At Home  order. 

Caratine Day 16 / Bethantine 9

How is everyone’s week going? Are we getting used to this or getting tired of it? I can’t tell. Attached are photos.
ETA—I updated the Quarantine Queue link, sorry it was so broken!

World Front

I’m going to end this on a positive note, but first, a bitter intro… (Skip to the if you don’t want to read the negative part.)
Hey, remember when everyone was posting this dumb meme?

Wanna hear a coronavirus joke?
You probably won’t get it.

Simpler times. It was just a joke and one that didn’t age well.

It also pretty much captures the essence of the United States Plan for Pandemic:

Tell People They’re Overreacting.

And isn’t this also like the essence of every shitty argument you have with a douchebag? “Hey little lady, calm down, this like the flu. Also, like, why are you freaking out about men making 20 cents more than women for the same job? 80 cents is basically a dollar—you won’t even miss it.”

That’s not a plan, that’s a distraction!

I’m not saying never entertain the idea that you or someone else is overreacting, but you better come prepared with some reassuring knowledge, verifiable facts and actions, a better idea, a convincing argument and an empathetic and compassionate attitude.

So, to the fearless leader of these united states: Step down. Pence holds bigoted views that I oppose morally and ethically, but he might actually not kill as many people as you with your trash facts (best ventilators? best tests?) and brain-dead policies (uh uh uh social distancing is tiring). The economy DOES matter and we need to support our [small] businesses especially.

But it’s not a zero-sum game (life or livelihood, pick one) and you might as well just let the states continue to do what’s best for their constituents, since so far your administration has committed and continues to commit health policy malpractice.

On the positive — human beings are being amazing. I’m updating this post link below as Beth and I hear of ways to help out!

We’re trying to look for the helpers because it’s starting to frustrate us that we can’t do more to help. And it helps to stay organized & optimistic!

LOOK FOR THE HELPERS (a link)this is a public Facebook post, mostly for Detroit Metro area. 

Take care of each other out there.

Home Front

Thank you to everyone who provided TV/movie recommendations — AlvinAngelaAmyPaigeTonyaBernadetteAllyChris and many more.
I made a Google spreadsheet here with all of them, and included things we’re watching or have watched in the past there weeks. ETA: Video games and books

THE QUARANTINE QUEUE:  this now includes a “current status” tab as well, and it’s in the sidebar on this site. 

Video Games — I got my own Switch! DM for the friend code!! Don’t Starve, Stardew Valley & Animal Crossing. These are all games where you spend almost all your time outside and two of them involve a lot of social activity so, yeah, therapy is going great.

Yoga — After two weeks of using worry as a primary form of exercise, I did yoga twice this week! Will record how Naga as my fitness coach but honestly I’m starting to suspect her certification from the School of Big Woofs is bogus.

Hobbies — I found a ruler that looks like a Tolberone! We’re rearranging the house to accommodate two people working from home, and I figured, why not spend 6 hours drawing the house to scale?

Work Front

Google Hangouts does closed captioning and it’s pretty good. First thing I did was see how good its censor for swears was — turns out, pretty good. Also turns out, Levi‘s closet office doesn’t have the greatest security and a child definitely heard words I’ve never said in front of anyone younger than 18.

91378105_10218750242440159_9047831797139767296_o copy

Our coworker Scott joined our standup from a freaking stationary bike.

Asking Evan questions has become much more entertaining. Evan is one of my best friends, neighbors AND coworkers, and he and his wife have an awesome baby who appears on video chat. 

Yesterday, we had a “dress up from home” day and it was so much fun for about 4 hours! And then I got back into my panda sweater.
That’s the update.


Stay well, stay safe, stay sane!

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