Stay-At-Home Blog #4

Originally posted on Facebook with a few edits. 30+ days in Caratine and Bethantine but did not feel like counting. 

From city gal to frontier woman? (Or, at least, homemaker.)

Yes, I’m one of those asses who started vegetable gardening for the first time during the pandemic. 😂I ordered seeds online and had random bags of potting soil leftover from last year.

So the first attempt at an in-ground raised bed did not have good results. I had only attempted to plant peapods but…
#1. It was right next to a (surprise!) bunny nest
#2. Naga figured out a way to get around the chicken wire “fence” and decided to help dig some trenches for the war
But meanwhile, the seeds we started indoors are doing surprisingly well. Arugula, tomatoes, cilantro, oregano, parsley, cucumber, broccoli, and carrots. Oh, and black corn? Which may not even be edible. So yeah, some basic betch gardening happening right here.
Anyways, those seeds need to get the hell out of the the downstairs bathroom and go off to college outside soon so today I ordered some raised garden beds from Facebook marketplace – and he delivered them today!
The closest I’ll ever come to same day delivery from Amazon, but from a guy named Donnie 🙂 who also explained how I can grow potatoes and onions in a 5 gallon bucket.
We’re still a week or two away from transplanting. 🙂

My dad mailed me sourdough starter.

I started a garden. Rabbits also ate my garden.

My dog Naga brought me a baby bunny. Alive. It was still alive when she gently put it down and still alive when it ran out of our yard.

I am still shouting about it periodically.



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