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This is how you’d find me most days in 2020.

Around the house, I’m a little bit like Gudetama. “Look closely and you will see the eggs that you eat lack spunk.” I’m pretty lazy.

I really enjoy eating, but I don’t like cooking or baking much.

And I usually have some video game device near-at-hand. (Oh, definitely add a video game section.)

[⇧JAN 9, 2021]

You can never have too many friends.

Hello Kitty, my favorite character in the whole wide world, since age three

Cozied up with a chunky blanket I made, and with a mug from one of my besties.

Favorite foods: sushi, tamagoyaki, mac n’ cheese, pancit bison

Drinks in Raleigh, NC with my friend Bee, my partner Beth and my “DI” friend Chris.
Jessie is my oldest friend. We’ve known each other since 4th grade. This is the day of her wedding.
And this is us back when we were just little sprouts.
Before 2020, I thought I knew how much I loved my friends & family. I HAD NO CLUE.

[⇧JAN 9, 2021] I’ve been blessed in life with such amazing, amazing friends. I’d love to dedicated a whole page to them — wait, it’s my site, so maybe I will! (To be continued.)

Reflecting back, I really struggled to make a lot of friends when I was in my young teens. Thank God for the internet and having friends online, like my cousins and my good friend Ivy. I also read a lot and played a lot of video games and made websites in my free time, which would go on to help me out in my distant future career.

Then one day, I *clicked* with someone. You know the feeling. And you only really need one good friend at school to make it.

Oh hey, maybe we’d get along like peas + carrots. Add me on Instagram or Twitter. 🙂

Cara, age 13:  
“I don’t were [sic] Ambercrombie or Aeropostle because I’ve never even heard about them till last year and don’t really care for them. I like orginality and place it high on my list of things to be.”

How it started…
It’s always a good time to get dressed up.
Beth and I are huge fans of the Legend of Korra show.

Goal: Go to a comic-con and cosplay!

My 30th birthday was at a lakehouse, it was unicorn-themed, and I wore a tutu. You cannot tell me I haven’t achieved my life goals.

[⇧JAN 9, 2021]

Vacation attire — NOLA, 2017.
How it’s going… what I wore to work, when I used to GO to work.

I wouldn’t call myself a stylish woman, but I am a pretty decisive one.

Naga is the first dog I’ve had that likes walks. We rate every single one of them: she usually gets 5/10.
This is Scout Amelia. .

Naga is a Golden Retriever named after the polar bear dog in LoK.[⇧JAN 9, 2021]

Puppy!Naga – and she DESTROYED that pouf, by the way.
This is Jem.
Our fur children.
We were going to get a Newfoundland and name him Appa, but. . . Naga found us first.

We also have two cats Scout (born in 2014) and Jem (born 2013), the latter we adopted because we thought Scout was lonely (hah!)

Pongo (1999 – 2011)

We are currently looking for a breeder for our future Appa. The first love of my life was Pongo, a sweet black Newfoundland.

Beth and I walked Drift, our friends’ dog, down the aisle at their wedding. We had to stop halfway down for a treat and to make sure the rings were still attached to him.
Dear Beth, I love chu.

The fact that she even has a section is making my beloved introvert itch. But she’s important to the story. We’ve been together for ten years, and we still really like each other. That is all.

At our college graduation!
We’re engaged!
Moms taking their water-loving doggo out on Lake Huron..
Walking around downtown Detroit in the winter.

Notes on coming out: People come out when they are ready. It has taken years for us to come out to our friends & family, and while almost everyone has been wildly supportive, there are still people I haven’t told because I’m assuming the worst.

Never out someone (come out for them).

LGBTQ+ youth are twice as likely (for trans youth, 8x as likely) to think about killing themselves. If this sounds like you or someone you know needs help, go to Trevor Project. I used to be a volunteer there and they have resources that can help.

OK. What else did my old personal site have?

Hobbies. All the hobbies.

I enjoy trying new things but if “hobby” requires me to pick something to master, I’m out.

(This definitely should get its own page.)

In general, I love crafty things and board games. I’m trying to play-through and finish all the games in my video game collection.


Can’t wait to get back to going to concerts!
Politics is power. Make your voice heard every election!
Oh yeah. What do I do for a work?

I’m a digital content strategist at University of Michigan! Cannot complain (though of course I sometimes do). I love the people I work with, I’m in a creative field, and I’m grateful that I got to work from home during the pandemic.

That’s it for now! Here are some of my quarantine blogs:

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