Still-At-Home: How Year 30 Starts

This summer, I took a break. Like many of us, I’d spent the month of May buried in mountains of This is Unprecedented. Writing about it became harder and harder. Paragraphs of incoherent worry and capital letters strewn with confusion. My friend Amy said that one day, I”ll want them, so I’ve saved them. ButContinue reading “Still-At-Home: How Year 30 Starts”

“Unpopular Opinion” Game

Unpopular opinion game // 10 things I don’t like that everyone else seems to like: 1) Tiger King – I watched one episode and thought “this should be a podcast” 2) Marie Kondo, except the thanking socks for their service part 3) the word “hiking” – unless you want to go for multiple days, justContinue reading ““Unpopular Opinion” Game”

Stay At Home Blog #2

Originally posted on Facebook. Changed from Quarantine Blog to Stay At Home Blog to match Michigan’s language — we’re under a Stay At Home  order.  Caratine Day 16 / Bethantine 9 How is everyone’s week going? Are we getting used to this or getting tired of it? I can’t tell. Attached are photos. ETA—I updatedContinue reading “Stay At Home Blog #2”

Quarantine Blog #1. Even though I don’t have a blog.

Originally posted on Facebook.  12 days since Carantine began. Bethantine is on Day 5. This is the first day I’ve haven’t been online to do work or getting the house ready for the long haul. 🎹😑Wish I had a child that can sing or that Rowena lived closer to me so Beth would stop prevailingContinue reading “Quarantine Blog #1. Even though I don’t have a blog.”